Next in the Keystone Fight: Maintaining Momentum

Authors: Shamar Bibbins On Sunday, I joined thousands of passionate and energized activists outside the White House in a massive rally against the Keystone Pipeline XL. Our partners at organized a powerful and bold event in which about 10,000 people cheered, chanted and eventually encircled the White House with several rings of people.

Keystone XL protest

The goal: send a strong, united message to President Obama that we do not - and will not - support the construction of the Keystone Pipeline extension. Goal accomplished. Now the challenge: keeping this momentum. President Obama is expected to make a decision soon - most likely before the end of the year - on whether he will grant a permit for the pipeline. As that decision moment approaches, the oil industry is doing what it does well: using its financial strength to reinforce the false choice that jobs and the environment cannot live in tandem. Claims that proteting the planet harms job creation are unfounded. We promote good jobs, safe jobs, clean jobs. The Keystone Pipeline XL doesn’t create long-term, quality jobs – and what it brings is not worth it. In life, one of Sunday’s speakers noted, there are moments when you need to draw a line. And this is one of those moments. To keep the momentum, we need your involvement. Make your voice heard. Stay connected to’s campaign. Follow us on Twitter for updates. Talk to your friends and family about the pipeline’s impact. We know that we can protect the environment, preserve public health and create jobs. We don’t need to sacrifice that goal to make oil companies more money. Let’s be leaders in advocating for the bigger picture.

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