New Strategic Partnership with Small Business Majority

Written by: Maritessa Bravo Ares, Program Assistant and Khary Dvorak-Ewell, Senior Associate, Business Engagement

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The U.S. Small Business Administration’s Office of Advocacy recently released a report that confirmed a fact many small business groups already know to be true: small businesses are leading the nation’s economic recovery. Green For All is one of the groups that has seen this first-hand. We have worked for years to support small green businesses with the skills and resources needed to create new jobs while improving our environment. We know from experience that small businesses are America’s principal drivers on the road to economic recovery. It is these businesses that are, time and time again, the most capable at fostering local community resilience in times of economic hardship. 

To further support small green businesses and entrepreneurs, Green For All is proud to announce our strategic partnership with Small Business Majority. Small Business Majority is a national advocacy organization focused on solving key challenges facing the nation’s 28 million small businesses today.  By engaging small business owners and policymakers, Small Business Majority advocates for policies that create jobs and maximize business opportunities in clean energy, access to capital, healthcare reform and other areas. Small Business Majority also conducts opinion and economic research to help keep a finger on the small business pulse.  We are proud to have had Small Business Majority present at a number of our Green Business Academies, and with our newly developed strategic partnership, Green For All looks forward to co-hosting more events and webinars to help small business owners build thriving green businesses.

While the small business community is diverse and covers a variety of sectors, awareness of the opportunities offered by a clean energy economy is growing. Green for All has been witnessing a shift toward businesses accounting for a triple bottom line that includes people, planet and profit. And Small Business Majority’s opinion polling confirms that the vast majority of entrepreneurs want to shift toward clean energy and energy efficiency because it can help boost their bottom lines: 87 percent of small businesses agree that improving innovation and energy efficiency are good ways to increase prosperity for small business owners.  Moreover, the poll found that small business owners support investment in infrastructure to grow the economy.  The majority of respondents (69 percent) favor the U.S. investing $50 billion in infrastructure projects that would generate jobs, namely for road, bridge and water system improvements. The smartest way to make these repairs and upgrades, in many cases, is to use green infrastructure, like permeable pavement and green roofs.

What do small businesses have to do with you?  A lot. At Green For All, we know how much power our collective voices can carry, but there is also power in our individual choices and in the way we spend our extra cash. When we choose to spend our money at businesses that support clean energy and energy efficiency, we are saying a resounding “yes” to local jobs and innovation.  When these businesses thrive, so do their communities.  It’s a win-win for all.

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