New Action Center for Green Jobs Movement: Check it Out!

The green economy has never been more important than it is now. As we approach Election Day over the next few months, we’ll be hearing more and more about the economy. And we need to make sure the vision that takes center stage is for an economy that works for all of us. 

That’s why Green For All is thrilled to launch our new online action center for the green jobs movement. We’ve designed our fresh new website to help you find information you can trust about the green economy—and the tools you need to make a difference in your community.

Our brand-new site is meant to serve as a useful (and fun!) tool to help create change in local communities and across the nation. Some highlights of the new site include:

  • Toolkits for community action
  • Music videos
  • Inspiring stories
  • Updates on local, state and federal policy
  • Green jobs resources

The site offers educational resources—including videos, reports, and toolkits for activists. It’s also home to our frequent, thoughtful blog posts on current affairs. And provides useful information about the green jobs movement—including a guide to getting a green job. It’s got inspiring photos and stories from folks who are making a difference in their communities— plus original music videos and updates from community partners and hip-hop activists.

So take a look, check it out, spread the word, and share the love! Together, we can build a healthy, inclusive green economy.

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