Naomi Davis

Chicago, IL - Naomi Davis is an attorney, entrepreneur, activist, and granddaughter of Mississippi sharecroppers who founded Blacks in Green(TM) to remind generations of our great cultural legacy - which is our stewardship of the land - and to reinvent that legacy in the age of climate change. Naomi serves on the boards of the Illinois League of Conservation Voters and Climate Justice Chicago; the Steering Committees of the Chicagoland Green Collar Jobs Initiative, Chicago Green Jobs For All, and Good Greens in Illinois; the Environmental Justice Advisory Group of the Illinois EPA and Economic Justice Committee of BALLE; and the editorial board of Environmental Justice.


Recipient of the Fellows Fund micro-grant award for: West Woodlawn TIF Pilot Project & 8 Principles Green-Village-Building Demonstration Launch Chicago, IL- Good Cities Chicago This arts-based engagement event connected to local sustainability work seeks to train trainers who will engage their neighborhoods and community leaders, advocates and trainers of the 8 Principles of Green-village-building through a combination of classroom/community engagement with partnership collaboration that utilizes community storytelling for healing and community empowerment. This project will provide a demonstration project, community performance and green community economic development tour. The project will focus on the West Woodlawn TIF as field study for implementing the 8 Principle through baseline documentation, toolkit and manual production. Principles include: 1. Micro-Saving/Lending, Local Currency/Wealth, Local Energy Production & Transportation, Shopping & Waste, Affordable Green Homes & Gardens, News & Networks/Stories & Structures, Village Centers & Borders, Health, Education & Welfare, Green Jobs & Enterprise.

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