My Year as a Green For All College Ambassador

Authors: Markese Bryant | College Ambassador Program Associate As the school year comes to a close, we asked two of our Green For All College Ambassadors to reflect on their year in the program and their experiences as young champions of the Green Economy.

Leaving My Mark

D'Andre Ball

This past semester Green for All challenged all Ambassadors to develop a campaign that would not only create an impact on campus but also ensure that the work we are doing will last for years to come. Our Spring Semester campaign was centered on increasing recycling on campus, creating a chartered organization at Morehouse focused on environmental sustainability and clean energy, and lastly bringing a large delegation to Power Shift 2011. With the help of our fellow student leaders, we were able to bring 120 students from the AUC (Morehouse, Spelman, Clark Atlanta) to participate in the Power Shift conference. Mobilizing students to go to Powershift was a little stressful, but overall it was a life changing experience. In addition, Van Jones came to speak to the men of Morehouse, really a historic event. I was inspired by his ability to convey his message of environmental advocacy to the student body. Furthermore, my Green For All mentor Juan Reynosa has been extremely helpful, and we've grown to become good friends. I really appreciate my advisors, Markese Bryant and Julian McQueen, for challenging my co-ambassador and me, and pushing us throughout the school year. Last but not least, I can say that I have grown so much as a person while being in the Green for All College Ambassador Program. THANK YOU GREEN FOR ALL.

Together... We Made a Difference

Caleb Williams

It's been such a wonderful experience working as a College Ambassador! This past semester has been an awesome journey into organizing as well as the bonds you encounter in the environmental field. One of our main goals for the semester was to build a strong base of students on campus who would be exposed to and galvanized in the light of the green movement. One of the best opportunities for this was the Powershift 2011, a great chance to put students in an environment centered around discussing issues and the potential solutions. Due to personal reasons I was unable to attend, but was glad I was apart of the team that helped make it happen. The Green For All College Ambassadors of the Atlanta University Center began to link up with other students active or interested in environmentalism, as well as alumni who's passion has kept them working in the field after graduating. The group effort was rewarded as we were able to send nearly 120 students to the conference. Through countless emails, meetings, texts, and a few interest meetings, the team survived long enough to make it to the charter buses! Another core part of our mission was to be apart of forming an on-campus organization or club devoted to sustainability and energy. There are still a few details to work out, but we have the full support of the college as well as our advisor who will be the lead advisor for the club. I'm very excited about things to come for Morehouse College and the entire AUC. This semester has been excellent exposure to what it takes to makes things happen, as well as the relationships you can build along the way. Thank you Green For All for the opportunity to serve and learn.

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