My Part in the Green Movement

Authors: Alicia Crudup, College Ambassador, Jackson State University My name is Alicia Crudup and I am a senior entrepreneurship major at Jackson State University, which is located in the heart of Mississippi (City of Jackson). And yes, we still have a heartbeat! It is a little faint, but we are going to pump some fresh, oxygenated blood into it. The Green Jobs Movement that we are creating is our way of giving back not only to Mother Earth, but also to our families, friends, and communities. I am very proud to be a part of this effort. This will be a legacy that I will leave behind not only for my own children, but also for others' children as well. Mother Earth was here before us and she will be here after us. So, while we are spending time here, it is up to us to give back to her as she continually gives to us. There will be some challenges ahead for my fellow Ambassador, Whitney Jones, and me—we have faced some of them already, but it is comforting to know that we have the support of Green for All, Students in Free Enterprise, and the Department of Entrepreneurship and Professional Development. Our first workshop here at Jackson State was a success. Our Bridging the Gap prompt will be used again at the beginning of next semester. The students were so attentive, and they enjoyed the step forward/step back just as we, the College Ambassadors, did at our training. The students that participated in our event were so excited that a committee of nine students formed to help us carry out our duties as Ambassadors. I see these people as the future leaders of the movement after I eventually move on from the university. I am excited about our next workshop, which will be very interactive with much discussion. It will be interesting to get other points of view and take those to use them in a positive way. We are also making some important contacts that will help our school make a transition to a greener future. After all that has happened this past semester, I cannot wait until next semester when we actually take action on making Jackson State University a more environmentally friendly campus!

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