My New Pair Of Eyes

Authors: Markese Bryant | College Ambassador Program Associate As the school year comes to a close, we asked our Green For All College Ambassadors to reflect on their year in the program and their experiences as young champions of the Green Economy.

Nikita Piercy

My Green for All Ambassadorship has been a wonderful eye opener. When I was selected to become a Green For All College Ambassador, I was a little skeptical on how I was going to make my campus greener. After talking with different administrators and expanding my networking circle, however, I learned that the campus was greener than I thought. Our Chancellor was the first in North Carolina to sign President Obama's Climate Change Bill. Green For All's College Ambassador program is serving as the bridge that is going to unite the students with the "green" administration. This cooperation is important because all the green projects on campus must run with the help of the administration. At the same time, it is only with the help of students that we can make the campus and community more aware of our problems and the potential solutions. My experience as a Green For All College Ambassador has changed not only my undergraduate years, but also my life. From creating a recycling system on my campus to informing my fellow classmates on energy and water conservation, my ambassadorship has changed my campus for the better. These small stepping stones opened the eyes of many students and faculty members. We organized a competition that decreased the energy usage in the dorm by about 15% in just one month's usage. My fellow ambassador Cassidy Cannon and I created a recycling robot to make the students aware of the different items to recycle. We also had various workshops to provide our fellow classmates with information regarding Sustainability, Environmental Justice and the Green Economy. Our most popular workshop, which was inspired by the work of our fellow College Ambassador Samantha Akwei of Spelman College, was held on Valentine's Day. During this workshop, we made green hearts and had the attendees label each heart with different ways to recycle or "go green." After this step was completed, we passed out hundreds of hearts to the people who were attending one of our basketball home games. This was our way to branch into the community. Making a difference on my campus is just my first step to making the world greener. Thanks Green for All for opening my eyes!

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