Momentum Magazine Asks: What Would It Take?

Authors: philip

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The University of Minnesota'sInstitute on the Environment puts out a quarterly magazine called Momentum. The Winter 2012 edition isa special issue, in which Momentum invited more than two dozen experts from around the world to offer ideas on crafting solutions to some of our planet’s biggest problems.

Green For All's CEO Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins was honored to provide her thoughts.

What’s it going to take to spur this nation to act on the opportunities that a green economy presents?

First, I think it’s important to note that we already have a thriving green economy. More people actually work in the green economy than the fossil fuel sector. The question, though, is, how do you scale it enough that people go back to work? The first step is green incentives. We have to stop providing incentives to fuels that pollute and provide incentives to the industries we want to grow. The United States has to pick winners and losers, and we want to pick winners that put people back to work and sustain the planet.

Read the full article at Momentum's website.

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