MintPress News - Chicago Transportation Plans Aim To Put Disadvantaged Back To Work

Written by Trisha Marczak, MintPress staff writer

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When the Chicago Transit Authority opened up its bid for $2 billion for the manufacturing of more than 850 rapid transit cars for its subway and urban train system, it also requested bidders detail how they would create quality jobs for Chicago’s growing unemployed. 

The altered bid process will still run on the same financial principles as it has in the past, awarding the lowest bidder with the job. Yet the request for companies also to incorporate a U.S. jobs plan in the process is putting the spotlight on those interested in benefitting from the CTA’s multi-billion dollar project.

…“The city of Chicago is demonstrating leadership to rebuild American manufacturing, and leveraging our buying power deliberately for community benefit,” Naomi Davis, fellow at Green for All and founder of BIG, said in a press release. “Community activists and city officials must now work closely together to ensure that CTA’s intentions result in real jobs and opportunities for Chicagoans. We’re ready to roll up our sleeves and collaborate.”

Ultimately, Chicago taxpayers are paying for the $2 billion proposed transit project. Using those funds to create jobs that will put the city’s unemployed back to work is what community organizers are after…

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