Meet Jaden: The kid fighting climate change with a comic book


Recently, Green For All traveled to New York to sit down with Jaden Anthony, the 11-year-old who was inspired to do something to help people in Flint and other parts of the country. Jaden introduced us to his project. Kid Brooklyn is a graphic novel series that follows Jaden & friends as they are given the power to save the planet from evil aliens (disguised as corporations) and environmental crises. 

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Jaden has been working on Kid Brooklyn with his dad for over a year. They are proud to be debuting the comic at New York Comic Con in October 2017. Joe Anthony, Jaden's dad, tells Green For All they plan to donate $1 from every comic book sold to our #FixThePipes campaign that goes directly toward getting clean water to families Flint, Michigan today.


If you're inspired by Jaden to take action, there is something you can do too. Although Kid Brooklyn is technically fiction, it is very much rooted in real issues plaguing our communities. And Donald Trump is a real villain when it comes to the environment.

Trump has proposed a severe budget cut to environmental protection programs that protect our air quality, clean safe drinking water, and clean ups toxic waste in our communities. 

Find Jaden's Volume 1 (Genesis) at

Kid Brooklyn Comics 

Say NO to Trump's attacks on our future.


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