Mays Social Capital Solutions

Entrepreneur: Carla Mays
Matched Coach: Maureen Miller

Carla Mays, Mays Social Capital Solutions


Maureen Miller, Rewired2Change


I always start with my WHY: create what's most important. If you're not doing that then what are you doing? How do I do this? Colliding with the status quo, energizing and igniting to create momentum, altering the established norm, inspiring action without restraint, and perceiving on a direct and immediate level. What do I do? As a Professional Certified Coach and member of International Coach Federation I'm interested in offering coaching in the following areas: change management, organizational development, executive coaching, creating a community Initiative and passionate about working with non-profits, and working with start-up businesses. I do this through one-on-one or group coaching via telephone, VOIP, or if possible, in person. I've facilitated workshops using webinar platforms and in person. I'm an experienced facilitator and keynote speaker. If there is something new you'd like to try out, let me know. We will create something new!


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