Market Day Foods

Entrepreneur: Sarah Alexander
Matched Coach: Margaret (Maggie) French

Sarah Alexander, Market Day Foods


Market Day Foods aggregates and distributes locally grown and produced food in southwest Montana. Market Day Foods strives to contribute to a healthy, viable and sustainable Montana food system by providing southwest Montana access to fresh, affordable food choices, while supporting local growers and producers in their efforts to find profitable markets. MDF sources and distributes fruits, vegetables, and other farm-based food products and acts as a central distributor for a variety of small-scale farmers, ranchers and producers. MDF supports sustainable farming and production practices and educates consumers about the benefits of buying and eating local, healthy foods.


Margaret French, Living Whole Coaching


What do you truly want? A simple question whose answer is the catalyst to personal, professional and business success. Balancing these aspects of life is an ongoing learning process. Living Whole Coaching assists you in bringing your answer to this question into clarity, and helps you learn to remain stable in yourself as you navigate your life, your profession, and your business.


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