Mark Welsch

Omaha, NE - Mark Welsch was raised on a farm in southeastern Nebraska where he learned about environmental and economic problems first hand. His father was politically aware and active, teaching him the importance of caring and working for things that he cares about. In the past six years Mark has played a key part in pushing the Omaha City Council and Mayor and the state's Senators and Governor to pass laws that clean the indoor working environment by making almost all workplaces 100% smoke-free. He has worked with local and statewide media for over 20 years. Many people in the media seek Mark out for factual information on these issues. Knowledge from his past efforts has helped him understand how to get elected officials to make other needed changes. Mark serves as the Omaha Coordinator for Nebraskans for Peace (NFP) and works with the other three members of NFP's staff, local and statewide volunteers to promote peace and justice in Nebraska, the USA and the world.



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