March as One Nation on October 2nd!

Authors: Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins, CEO Green For All

Right now, the conversation in Washington centers around one question: should the richest people in America get more tax breaks? That's what's being discussed. Not addressing climate change, not putting people back to work. The argument is about more tax breaks for the mega-rich.

What this tells me is that our voices aren't being listened to. That's why, in ten days, tens of thousands of people from across America are bringing their families to Washington to help change the conversation - and to make sure that our voices are heard. One Nation is a national, grassroots campaign supported by some of our country's most respected organizations. And it kicks off on October 2, when we march in Washington, D.C. to show the country that we are louder and more powerful working together than we are tearing each other apart. Will you join us in DC on October 2nd? I cannot make it to Washington, but I want to be involved: On the 2nd, we will celebrate the hard-fought achievements of the past two years: tax cuts for middle class, working families; healthcare that will be affordable for all of us; putting controls on Wall Street. But most of all, we'll demonstrate that, for the upcoming fights around real climate legislation and policies that create good, green jobs - we will be heard. On Capitol Hill and at the ballot box, we will be heard. I hope you will join us in Washington on October 2. We need you to add your voice.

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