Making the Change

Authors: Whitney Jones, College Ambassador, Jackson State University. My name is Whitney Jones, and I am a senior entrepreneurship major at Jackson State University in Jackson, Mississippi. I am delighted to be a Green For All College Ambassador because I understand its importance and I have faith in its cause. My fellow Ambassador Alicia Crudup and I believe that strong advocacy for an inclusive green economy at Jackson State University can cause a ripple effect throughout the state of Mississippi and the nation. The issues we are facing are real. Picture this: the year is 2080. Smog and pollution; sickness and disease; malnutrition and bad health; and natural disasters worse than ever before plague the earth’s inhabitants. Humans have undergone mild physical evolutions to adapt to the scorching heat—no ozone layer. The human life span has dropped from 80 years to 50 years. Carbon emissions over the past 70 years up to this point have contributed to this chaos... WOW. These issues seem eerily familiar; we are already suffering from many of these symptoms, even as you read this blog. However, imagine these scenarios’ effects quadrupled! This prospect is what we face if we don’t step up and make the change towards a green economy. In the words of Mahatma Gandhi, "You must become the change you want to see in the world." We will reach back and pull forward. We will reach down and uplift. We will enlighten our communities. We will establish sustainable practices. We are ready and willing. Change starts now.

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