Making Moving Affordable and Green

Authors: Ron Rogers I just got back from the "Green is the New Black" conference at Howard University, where Green for All brought together college students to network with environmentally friendly businesses. As a black-owned green business, we at Repax came to the conference looking for young fresh minds to help expand our company. Our company goal is to slash the amount of waste that's generated when people move their homes and offices--and to make environmentally friendly moving easy and affordable. It used to seem like green products and services were only for the wealthy. You could only find them at trendy, expensive stores. Some of us just couldn't afford to travel on the green train. As real working people, with real budgets and real bills, many of us were looking for ways to hop on the train. All of us deserve access to goods and services that won't destroy our planet. Our company offers regular people an easy way to make moving more sustainable. Repax uses recycled plastic crates that interlock and combine with a dolly system to make packing easy. The crates are reusable, and cut down on the thousands of cardboard boxes people use to move each year--many of which end up in landfills. It's an easy process: Repax delivers crates to your door, you pack them, then once you've moved and unpacked, you call and Repax picks up the empty crates. You don't waste time looking for boxes. You don't waste cardboard. And most importantly, you don't waste money. The company started as the idea of Olandis C. Gary, formerly of the National Football League, and Marcus T. Stephens, former Sr. Creative Director of Under Armour. It's now grown into a thriving business in three major metropolitan areas: Washington, D.C., New York, and Los Angeles. We're also proud to be the provider of choice for the NFL Players Association, the American Moving and Storage Association, and the U.S. House of Representatives. Through efforts like the Green is the New Black conference, we hope to help promote other minority-owned green businesses and make environmentally friendly goods accessible to many more people. For more information, visit, or email me at

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