Making A Difference At Spelman College

Authors: Jainaba Fye, College Ambassador, Spelman College As a college ambassador at Spelman College, I have been making an effort to educate other students about the importance of the Green Movement - and at the same time, I have become more informed. For example, I learned about the extent to which my campus community is affected by environmental injustice.

Spelman College is located in Atlanta's low-income West End. The area in which we live is also a food desert and residents are victims of environmental injustice; there are railroads surrounding the area on all ends and overall upkeep of the community is contemptible. Recognizing what kind of area we live in has made me all the more passionate about making a real difference. During workshops we ran to educate other students, we were able to use the example of the West End to help students understand and relate to the issue of environmental injustice. The last one that we held was a collaborative workshop with Morehouse College and Clark Atlanta University. Many of the students attended simply because there would be food - and a giveaway of Wale concert tickets - but once the workshop came to an end it was evident that students truly enjoyed their experience with us and had taken away an understanding of the green movement. This is only the beginning. Once students grasp an understanding of the movement, I would like us to reach out to the West End community and begin implementing solutions. Already in the West End there are new organic restaurants and grocery stores that have opened, which is very encouraging to see. I believe if we take on an initiative to also educate West End community members these stores and restaurants will thrive. We're seeing results from our partnerships. Each year, Spelman College participates in the Martin Luther King Day of Service, an event that offers an opportunity for students to participate in various community service activities in honor of Martin Luther King. Last weekend, we were very excited to have the support of Green For All in our efforts to better our community, including planting trees and picking up litter along a local highway. The more I work with our partners, the more I understand the difference we can all make.

Jainaba Fye — Spelman College

Jainaba Fye is a rising sophomore at Spelman College where she is studying International Studies and Economics. Jainaba is passionate about the environment, politics, and women's rights issues. Most recently, Jainaba facilitated workshops in Kigali, Rwanda, and Baltimore, Maryland entitled Miss In Action.

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