Make a small change for Earth Day... and invest that change in the green economy

Authors: ada Green For All has partnered with a new web site: The New Green Economy, for a special "online Earth Day event". The sites ask visitors to do something simple for Earth Day: instead of spending your money on something you don't need today, invest a little bit in the new green economy. Visitors can learn about and invest in 5 different organizations, including Green For All. The event is designed to make people consider the different kinds of value beyond money. According to the creator of the site, John Nicoll, "natural and social value... are not recognized in our everyday language of exchange: the dollars that we spend. The result is millions of transactions everyday that take place within a limited sphere – a sphere that devalues natural and social resources – including future generations." The purpose of the event is to raise public awareness of the true costs of a consumer society and site viewers are asked to consider making a small personal sacrifice such as walking to work or taking the bus and donating the money saved to one of the participating organizations.

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