MadameNoire - HBCUs Get Eco-Friendly With Green For All

Written by Ann Brown, MadameNoire

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Green is in. Several Historically Black Colleges and Universities are working with the environmental education organization Green For All’s “College Ambassadors” program to improve the environment at their schools and to foster a green economy. 

“Our Ambassadors see the toll that humans are having on the environment and view climate change as a critical issue for our world. They also recognize that as current and future leaders of the Black community, they have a responsibility to educate themselves and their fellow students about these issues,” says Green For All’s Director Of Education & Outreach, Julian Mocine-McQueen.

The Green For All ambassadors not only work to make their schools more green but also try to influence their communities to think green.  ”Our students come from communities that are directly affected by pollution, have high asthma rates and don’t always have access to things like healthy affordable produce,” says Mocine-McQueen. “While our students see that the environment has a direct effect on black communities in these ways and more, they also know that there is potential for new opportunities through the green economy.”...  

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