Local Communities Mobilize in New Orleans

Authors: bsamad

In response to the oil spill tragedy in the Gulf, local communities are mobilizing to respond to the environmental and economic hardships already visible in the region.

Green For All's team was in New Orleans today to speak with community activists at a meeting of the Green Collaborative, a network of organizations involved in environmental justice and sustainability. One local organization, the Louisiana Bucket Brigade, reported 90 spill related incidents including several oil sightings.

Driving past the New Orleans Superdome, a taxi driver told our team "the only thing that has kept NOLA from an economic meltdown was the fishing industry."

One business owner says that the community is bracing for the negative economic impact of the oil spill on local businesses, particularly the seafood and tourism industries, which expect to be hit hard by this disaster.

Green For All Fellow John Moore, who works for the City of New Orleans, says "just when we're getting up, we're getting knocked down again."

Stay tuned for more reports, images and videos from our team on the ground.

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