Lifelong Advocate Puts His Legs to the Test for Green For All

David Jaber has been riding bikes since age six.  His path through life was set early on, in watching and appreciating spectacular and diverse animal life and having the opportunity to spend time in nature. 

As a result, he’s dedicated 20 years to protecting the environment and his community. For fifteen years, he assisted businesses and local governments with environmental performance evaluation, metrics tracking and benchmarking, greenhouse gas inventories, climate action plans, and site assessments. He has overseen over 100 recycling and energy efficiency site assessments in a wide range of manufacturing, retail, and office settings.

David has also supported a wide array of non-profits in fundraising, advocacy, project implementation, and event management—including promoting food security, international development, climate justice, Native American justice, and habitat protection. He currently serves on the board of the Permaculture Credit Union, and is a certified LEED Accredited Professional (O+M). For more information about his work, you can visit: 

Now David is putting his muscle behind these causes—he’ll be riding his bike more than 300 miles to support Green For All as part of this year’s Climate Ride. You can help David—and Green For All—by donating to his ride.

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