Life Beyond Coal: Green For All Fellows Bring Solar Power, Green Jobs to Central Appalachia

Authors: Green For All

Green For All Fellows, Eric Mathis and Mike McKechnie are doing something that is a first for West Virginia's southern coalfields - creating green jobs for unemployed and underemployed coal miners and contractors.

The innovative Fellows are part of a group dedicated to bringing renewable energy jobs to Central Appalachia, an area long reliant on the coal mining industry.

People were skeptical when the idea was first floated about a year ago, says Nick Getzen, spokesman for The Jobs Project, which is trying to create renewable energy job opportunities in West Virginia and Kentucky. In the southern coalfields, he says, people have only ever gotten electricity one way -- from coal-fired power plants.

"This is the first sign for a lot of folks that this is real, and that it's real technology, and they can have it in their communities," Getzen says. "In no way are we against coal or trying to replace coal. There's still going to be coal mining here. This is just something else to help the economy."

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