Let's Speak Louder

Authors: Green For All Ever get the feeling that Congress isn't listening to you? We feel the same way. These days, it seems as if Big Oil CEOs and corporate lobbyists have all the access. Meanwhile, the middle class and the poor — the Americans who just want to put in a hard day's work for good wages and benefits — are consistently ignored. It's time to make ourselves heard: Let's speak louder.


Right now, the U.S. Senate is debating a motion that would allow Congress to move forward with a bill to eliminate subsidies for the big oil companies, which are earning incredible profits because of the high gas prices you and I are paying at the pump. The "big five" — Exxon, Chevron, ConcocoPhillips, BP and Shell — made $32 billion in profit during the first quarter of the year. Despite these enormous gains, members of Congress still want to give these corporations $4 billion a year in breaks, even though 74 percent of Americans support eliminating tax credits for the oil and gas industry. Why? Could it be because these oil interests are big time contributors? The oil and gas industry has already spent $39 million dollars to lobby Congress in this year alone. In addition to getting tax breaks, these interests have also used their influence to, among other things, attack the Environmental Protection Agency's ability to stem pollution. This is the kind of corporate power that is drowning out the people's voice. That's why we have to speak louder. Let's make sure our Senators know where we stand. We know Big Oil has been using their money to run government behind the scenes for years. It's time for these corporate games to end, and for our representatives to actually represent the people. We don't expect elected officials to do everything right, but we do expect them to do right by us.

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