Keep It Fresh Awards & Panel Inspire Climate Action


CONTACT: Alyssa Ritterstein

Green Community Leaders Inspire Climate Action at “Keep It Fresh” Awards Ceremony & Panel Green For All and Going Green Living Bling Event Speaks to Colorado’s Communities of Color

DENVER — Today, Green For All and Going Green Living Bling’s hosted the “Keep It Fresh” Awards Ceremony and Panel at the Denver Juneteenth Music Festival. The event honored activists working to create a healthier, greener world for communities of color and elevated one of the biggest issues facing these communities today — climate change.

Presenters and awardees – Green For All Executive Director Nikki Silvestri, Grammy-nominated duo Les Nubians, 2014 Grammy Music Educator Award Nominee Dj Cavem Moetavation, Ron Finley, Arasia Alkemia Earth, Mike Wird, Earth Guardians, Beverly Grant, and The Growhaus – highlighted the very real health and financial impacts climate change brings these communities, how they are actively building a green economy, and what Colorado can do to make an impact.

“Climate change hits communities of color first and worst. In Colorado, it’s no different,” Silvestri said. “We held this event because we wanted to raise awareness of that very fact, what it means for our communities, how people are already taking action, and what we can do to combat climate change today. As I travel around the country drawing attention to this issue, it is encouraging to see so many communities of color positively respond and engage in these events.”

During the event, national and local community leaders received awards in the following categories - Eco HipHop, Clean Air Act, Green The Block, The Freshest, Mind and Body, Front Line Activation, and Lifetime Achievement Denver. Special Thanks awards were given to Grammy-nominated duo Les Nubians and Grammy-nominated Dj Cavem Moetavation.

“As daunting as climate change is, we can make a difference,” Ietef Vita aka Dj Cavem Moetavation said. “This award ceremony proved that. We’ve got folks working to clean our air, provide good food that nourish us, and motivate people to participate in the green movement through music. But, we’ve got to do even more. That’s why I’m asking people to support the Environmental Protection Agency in its efforts to cut emissions and get involved in local climate events.”

The ceremony and panel were part of the first-ever Denver Juneteenth “Keep it Fresh” Zone, where attendees participated in green activities like live DJs, hip hop performances, Yoga, a farmers market, environmental demonstrations, composting and recycling workshops, and raw food vegan culinary demonstrations.

Mayor Michael B. Hancock also proclaimed June 14 “Keep It Fresh” Day via video.

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