Kathleen Mulligan-Hansel, Deputy Director, Partnership for Working Families

Kathleen Mulligan-Hansel has deep roots in accountable development work, having served as a founding co-chair and primary staff lead for the Good Jobs & Livable Neighborhoods coalition in Milwaukee while a coordinator of the Working Families Project at the Institute for Wisconsin’s Future. Under Kathleen’s leadership, Good Jobs & Livable Neighborhoods successfully campaigned for community benefits standards to be applied in the redevelopment of 16 acres of county-owned land. The resulting agreement – the Park East Redevelopment Compact (PERC) – was the first community benefits program to be passed as an ordinance through local government. In addition to political work, Kathleen has experience in CBA negotiations, welfare reform, public policy, research, recruitment, and training. She holds a Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Wisconsin

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