Kalin Williams

New Carrolton, MD - Kalin Williams is a young lady who remains dedicated to the transformation of underserved low-income communities. She grew up in the inner cities of Washington, D.C. in a neighborhood that is directly affected by the economic, social and environmental injustice of our society. As the oldest of five, she has no other option but to work towards creating a better future for her family. 

In 2007, she graduated from Hampton University with a BS in Economics. Her intention is to learn as much as she can to better serve Mother Earth and the next generation. In May 2008, she started a grassroots organization, The Earth’s Visible Energy (www.theeve.org). Kalin is dedicated to the cause and will do whatever it takes to witness a global sustainable society.


Recipient of the Fellows Fund micro-grant award for: 
The Garden of E.V.E. (Community Garden)
Washington DC- The Earth’s Visible Energy

The grant will support the Garden of E.V.E—a community school edible garden with a rain barrel carried out through a partnership between the Earth’s Visible Energy and The Boys and Girls Club. The edible schoolyard will give youth the opportunity to connect with nature, grow food, cook healthy food, organize the community and encourage intergeneration wisdom. As youth leaders learn about the environment, they will teach others---young & old. This will be E.V.E’s first step to defining sustainable/green jobs in urban agriculture that is relevant to the day to day life of the people that need it the most. The grant will allow The Earth’s Visible Energy to accomplish the following goals: Establishment of a community garden (Garden of E.V.E.) at the Boys & Girls headquarters in Washington, D.C., Connect garden to a rain barrel system, Compost, Online journal of youth’s experience in the garden and community, A surveys from members in the community about the clean energy economy, Education fashion t-shirts designed by the youth to teach others, Healthy cooking classes.

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