Joanne M. Mahoney, County Executive for Onondaga County, Onondaga County

Elected in November 2007, Joanne M. Mahoney is the first woman to serve as County Executive for Onondaga County.

Onondaga County has always been Joanie’s home. Growing up in Syracuse, she graduated from Corcoran High School. Upon graduation Joanie went on to Syracuse University’s School of Management where she received a Bachelor of Science. Soon thereafter the County Executive completed law school at S.U.’s College of Law.

After spending time in private practice, County Executive Mahoney accepted a position with the Onondaga County District Attorney’s Office where she worked for five years as a criminal prosecutor. Interested and involved in politics for most of her life, Joanie worked on many campaigns throughout the years. In 1999, she became a candidate herself and was elected Councilor-at-Large in the City of Syracuse where she served a four year term.

In 2007 Joanie ran for County Executive successfully earning her position on the ballot, then going on to win the general election that November assuming office on January 1, 2008.

County Executive Mahoney is a well respected leader, known for her many contributions to the County. Her willingness to work with anyone who can move Onondaga County forward has resulted in a multitude of major accomplishments. She is invested in our future and wants to make Onondaga County a great place for not only current residents but also our children’s children. She believes in the importance of looking further down the road and considering the effect of our decisions on the Onondaga County of tomorrow. Through integrity and transparency Joanie continues to be a great leader with a wonderful team at her helm.

Shortly after taking office Joanie changed course, working toward a greener more sustainable County. Through the County Executive’s “Save the Rain” program a comprehensive stormwater management plan has been developed to reduce pollution to Onondaga Lake and its tributaries. Most recently, Onondaga County was recognized by the EPA as a green infrastructure partner.

County Executive Mahoney was instrumental in the passing of a new sales tax sharing agreement that benefits all county residents and increases transparency in government. She has also made it a priority to encourage local towns and villages to work together and share services where possible, in order to save money for the residents.

Under her watch not only has the County maintained its AAA bond rating, it has been upgraded from “Negative” to “Stable.” The County Executive has made literacy a priority creating a literacy fund that helped form the Imagination Library which provides free books to young children. Joanie has guided the County in a partnership with Say Yes to Education, which will help increase graduation rates and make college a possibility for many city students.

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