Jessica Ritter, Associate, Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke University

Jessie Ritter is a graduate student studying environmental management at the Duke Nicholas School of the Environment. She has a BS in Zoology from North Carolina State University. Before returning to school, she gained experience with non-profits Environmental Defense Fund and Oceana. Jessie is currently working with Bill Holman, State Policy Director at the Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions, on a stormwater job creation analysis for the City of Durham. The Nicholas Institute’s water program engages in the research and design of strategies and policy to aid decision makers at the international, national, state and community levels.

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  • Leah Poulton
    commented 2017-08-17 00:37:49 -0700
    Biology and chemistry are probably the maximum crucial two but physics and maths are also surely crucial and really relavent. As is geography. I am analyzing ecology and conservation in university however there are masses of different stages like environmental control, biological sciences, zoology and botany that would all do the process too. Additionally a geography/ geology/ chemistry degree would take you far as properly. :) i suppose university is crucial though. And perhaps even a higher degree like a masters or phd could do you suitable, though it is now not essential.

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