Jamel BJ Allah

Bronx, NY - Mr. Jamel Allah, 55, was born in Harlem, NY in 1953. Mr. Allah was incarcerated for a few years; however, the immense desire to never again partake in negative endeavors is what empowered him to fight against gangs and gun violence through speaking with young people. As a result, in February of 2005, Jamel Allah founded a not-for-profit organization called Positive Seeds in Pelan, Inc. Positive Seeds in Pelan, Inc. was created to develop and nurture the youth, ages 8-18, in our communities. Now, over four years later, the Positive Seeds initiative has served many children through action-oriented and effective after-school endeavors. Mr. Allah considers his best work to be working with the youth in his community, helping them learn how to a lead productive and positive life. He is currently working hard in the Mount Hope community of the Bronx, as well as in Harlem at the Allah Youth Center, Inc. As a mentor to young children he helps them fight against the magnetic pull of the streets, diseased with gangs, drugs, and gun violence. Mr. Allah considers the children are our future, and when they are taught positive thoughts, they will have positive actions. The wealth of any community is the children and he recognizes this wealth through his work in demonstrating life paths more constructive and valuable than the one he originally chose for himself. Mr. Allah is determined to continue passing on these tools of proper knowledge that helped him become a positive and productive Blackman in the community.

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