Jack and Jill Politics tells story of Green For All and equity provisions in ACES

Authors: ada Our friend Cheryl Contee over at JackandJillPolitics.com just posted a great story of how Green For All, our partners, and our supporters successfully pushed to have two key equity provisions included in the American Clean Energy and Security Act. Check it:

Green Jobs for Black People: Victory in the House

26 Jun 2009

Today, the House passed a major and historic clean energy bill (ACES). In the midst of all the Michael Jackson coverage, you may miss a little-engine-that-could story of how a group of unlikely allies secured key “equity provisions” in the bill. It also shows that Green for All remains a potent force for good as Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins, the new CEO of Green For All, has led us to a big win for the African-American community at large. As you know, Phaedra has blogged here at JJP. In the video above, you can see President Obama speaking in the Rose Garden to urge passage of this bill. You and all JJP community members can also take credit for this victory (go ahead, pat yourself on the back)! For all the discussion about consumer protection from rising energy prices, ACES was a 1,000 page bill without a word about economic opportunity for disadvantaged communities. Pretty outrageous for legislation that President Obama called “a jobs bill”. As it turns out, this is also a story of a CBC Member of Congress coming to the rescue. Thanks to Representative Bobby Rush, the national advocacy organization Green For All, and their partners, the bill passed with key provisions to ensure inclusion of low-income communities. Read the rest of the post on Jack and Jill Politics.

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