It's Time for Kansas to Get Serious About Wind Power

Authors: Richard Mabion Hi my name is Richard Mabion, and I live in Kansas City, Kansas, in a county that has 3 (I repeat) 3 coal fired plants. Enough said! Last year the governor of the state put her political career on the line and vetoed three bills that would have forced the permitting of the construction of a proposed new coal fired plant in western Kansas. Her behavior moved the discussion of coal-fired plants from the overworked environmental community to the kitchen tables all over the state. The research needed to make an informed decision was enhanced with the incorporation of a non-profit 501 C 3 organization called The Great Plains Alliance for Clean Energy (GAPCE). GAPCE was formed to provide the legislative decision makers pertinent facts and figures, regarding the negative affects of coal-fired plants on the air we people in Kansas breath. It did not take long for GAPCE to find a close ally with the Kansas Sierra Club and eventually our coalition, Building A Sustainable Earth Community. Now together we demand that our Legislators Use their Leadership and Do What’s Right. We feel Kansas with all of it natural wind can become a leader in wind power, as well as the development of training programs designed to teach people of color from low-income communities entry-level green-collar job skills. Dorothy may have followed the yellow brick road, but because of the coal-fired plants, our bricks only turn yellow from pollution. Peace! Richard Mabion, organizer of the "Breaking the Silence" conference in Kansas City, has been named Kansas Activist of the Year by The Pitch, a Kansas City newspaper and website. Richard is a community leader and a strong voice for local economies, new green-collar jobs, local organic vegetable farming and breaking through racial barriers, and he puts the "action" in activism. It seems that he never runs out of purposeful work to do, projects to activate, and relationships to build.

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