Indigo Engineering Group, LLC

Entrepreneur: Delicia Gunn
Matched Mentor: Stephen Bonnaire

Delicia Gunn, Indigo Engineering Group, LLC


Founded in 2004, Indigo Engineering Group, LLC is a woman-owned, full service engineering, architecture and construction management firm specializing in green and sustainable innovative solutions. Clients are offered a variety of services including: energy efficiency engineering, green-focused mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering design; architecture; geotechnical engineering; environmental engineering; construction services and land development support. Indigo was founded on the principles of green and sustainable engineering. Indigo’s commitment to offering modern engineering design and consulting services makes it an emerging leader in the architecture and engineering sciences. Indigo provides its clients with engineering services that incorporate the latest developments in “green” and sustainable designs while maximizing financial returns, functionality, and comfort. Indigo clients include developers, architects, engineers, and federal and city governments.


Stephen Bonnaire

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