In the Senate, mark up of clean-energy bill stalled by opponents.

Authors: ada This week the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee intended to begin its "mark up" of the Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act. During the mark-up congressional committees and subcommittees debate, amend, and rewrite proposed legislation. But Republicans on the committee are refusing to show-up for this process, claiming that they need more analysis on the bill from the Environmental Protection Agency and the Congressional Budget Office. Despite this request, Republicans did not attend yesterday's Q&A session withEPA representative David McIntosh. The boycott is an attempt to derail the critical climate and clean-energy legislation. While Senator Boxer and the Democrats on the EPW committee could technically proceed without Republicans in attendance, a bill without any Republican backing would be very unlikely to be passed in the full Senate. We're waiting to see how Senator Boxer, Chair of the Committee, proceeds. In the meantime, the Committee is continuing to meet. Yesterday, Senator Boxer specifically mentioned Green For All and our support for the Green Construction Careers Demonstration Project!   Watch the clip:

Now that we have her attention, let's keep up the pressure on Senator Boxer for a strong and inclusive Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act. A key amendment to the legislation could create 1 million new jobs in the clean-energy economy, by requiring utilities to invest in energy-efficiency renovations for millions of buildings nationwide. But Senator Boxer is under a lot of pressure from utility company lobbyists to reject the amendment. Let's tell her we support her leadership, and urge her to create 1 million clean-energy jobs.

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