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Authors: Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins

In just the past month, Green For All has had a string of inspiring successes that bring us closer to a clean-energy future for all.

With your help, we launched a new fund alongside former President Clinton, won broad opportunity in the first draft of the Senate's climate bill, and pioneered a groundbreaking agreement in Portland that will create thousands of green jobs.

And these are just the highlights! If we can do all this in just one month, imagine what's possible with your ongoing support. Help us continue to create change like this month after month.

Make a recurring gift to Green For All today. Your donation will be matched!

Your recurring donation will be matched dollar for dollar for the first year by the Kendeda Fund.

Please help us raise an additional $1,000 each month in the next year by making your commitment known today.

With a community of supporters giving just $10 each month, we can continue to reach milestones like these:

  • September 25, Green For All and Living Cities launched theEnergy Efficiency Opportunity Fundat the Clinton Global Initiative. This fund will leverage an estimated $200 million to increase the energy-efficiency of thousands of buildings and create thousands of jobs.
  • September 26, Green For All, the Hip Hop Caucus, and Wyclef Jean hosted a celebrity-studded launch party for Green The Block at the Congressional Black Caucus annual conference.
  • September 30, The U.S Senate released the first draft of its historic climate bill, and it includes our provisions to expand access and opportunity for all!
  • October 1, We partnered with the City of Portland to pass a groundbreaking Community Workforce Agreement that will create thousands of good paying clean-energy jobs, and be a national model for implementing Recovery Act investments.
  • October 16, We launched a series of reports and resources to help people access investments from President Obama's Recovery Act.

  • October 19, We testified at a public hearing on green jobs in Pittsburgh, hosted by Senator Arlen Specter.

This October, double the impact of your donation AND add another victory to the calendar!

Thank you for your support. We simply could not do our work without it. 

Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins

Chief Executive Officer

Green For All

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