I Believe That We Will Win - Actions from Earth Day to May Day

We are in a fight for our future. This Saturday begins an historic Earth Week of Action to defend people on the frontlines of pollution -- from coal miners to Flint families -- and our Mother Earth which we depend on for life.


Saturday April 22, Earth Day, a #MarchforScience (National)

By their nature, scientists are not protesters. But these times call for something different. This Saturday, scientists across the country are waking up to stand up for science as Trump and his climate deniers continue to wage an all out war on science that is putting polluter profit above our right to exist, literally.

Join Vien Truong on the ground at the San Francisco March for Science, where she will be speaking on how climate justice is racial justice and economic justice too.

March with Vien at Justin Herman Plaza in San Francisco at 11:00am. Or join a satellite march here.


Monday April 24, Day of Action to pass the Miners Protection Act (Where you are)

Coal miners have worked hard and risked their lives to keep our lights on. And they did it with the promise of decent pensions and health benefits. Many became sick or disabled doing their job. Now because of coal companies' bad practices, over 20,000 retired coal miners will lose their health benefits on April 28th. 90,000 are at risk of losing their pensions if Congress doesn't act to permanently extend their benefits.

On April 24th, our sister initiative, #LoveArmy, is hosting a national day of action to stand up for coal mining families and call on Congress to act.

Call your members of Congress today at (202) 499-6044 and ask them to support the Miners Protection Act.

Join the 4/24 Day of Action.



Tuesday, April 25, 3rd Anniversary of the Flint Water Crisis (Where you are)

Three years ago, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder decided to cut corners to save money and switched the city of Flint’s water supply to a toxic dump. He sent water into Flint homes that was so toxic it rotted the lead pipes, poisoned the city, and created a crisis.

Three years later, the pipes are still not fixed! And this injustice is growing. The government says it could take three more years to fix the pipes. Can you imagine six years without clean water in your home?

Green For All launches a campaign to #FixThePipes. For every $10k we raise, we can fix the pipes in one home. And we have a lot of homes so we need your help.

Donate now to make a tax-deductible gift to #FixThePipes.


Friday April 28, It Takes Roots, Draw a Red Line on Trump’s Budget (Washington, DC)

Living on the frontlines of pollution, Indigenous, Black, Brown, and other frontline communities hold the key to climate solutions that work. These are the people standing on the tracks and saying no every time our dig, burn, dump economy breaks new ground. These are the people building gardens in concrete jungles, creating community solar on abandoned land, and connecting climate change to political fights for good jobs, equality, and justice. Join team Green For All at this event led by Frontline communities to unite as Mother Earth’s RED LINE against the extractive economy and for our earth, rights and future.

Sign up to take direct action to form the RED LINE with us April 28 at 2pm. We will send details about where to meet us after you sign up.


Saturday April 29, Trump’s 100th day, a March for Jobs, Justice, and Climate (International)

400,000 people joined the first Peoples Climate March in 2014. Every year since has been the world’s hottest on record. Now Trump is determined to burn the planet to the ground and divide us by race, gender, and nationality. The best way to resist is to get up, get out, and get together.

Sign up to march with team Green For All and join our founder Van Jones and director Vien Truong on the ground in D.C.

Download the Peoples Climate Movement Week of Action calendar to find other events while you’re in town.

We are marching to stop pollution and create green solutions for all starting with communities living at the frontlines of pollution and climate disaster. When we put the #FrontlinesFirst, we all rise.


Monday May 1, May Day, A Day Without Immigrants, For Workers Rights (International)

Immigrants and workers are uniting on May Day to fight for permanent protection, dignity, and respect. On climate change, the truth is you cannot hurt the planet without first hurting people. We are standing in solidarity with people on the frontlines of discrimination, exploitation and disrespect. Until we are all free, none of us are free.

Join a May Day action near you.


As you can see, there are a lot of ways to stand with underdogs this week.

Together we will rise. From farm workers and mining families to mothers in Flint and young people speaking out. Only when we stand together will we win. We are in the fight of our lives quite literally, and our future is worth fighting for.

Sign up here to get sent posters to print and carry to your events when they are ready.

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