Huffington Post - Green Infrastructure and the Path to Recovery

Written by Aaron Bartley Co-founder, People United for Sustainable Housing (PUSH Buffalo)

Cross-posted on Huffington Post. Read original post here.

The Blue Economy is particularly ascendant in older industrial cities along the Great Lakes, where miles of formerly industrialized waterfront are being returned to recreational access and large investments in combating combined sewer overflow (CSO), which results when storm water overwhelms antiquated sewer systems, have begun to improve water quality. In many cities, CSO-related investment was initially prompted by EPA enforcement actions related to the Clean Water Act. From Milwaukee to Buffalo, Blue Economy movement leaders are making the case for ensuring that the greatest freshwater resource in the world is restored as a public good for generations to come. 

According to a report by Green for All, sewer overflows contaminate U.S. waters with 860 billion gallons of untreated sewage annually, an amount that could fill 1.3 million Olympic size swimming pools. The EPA estimates the need for investment of $188.4 billion to manage stormwater and preserve water quality. More than 1.9 million jobs could be created in the process.  

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