How Will This Year's College Ambassadors Change the World?

Authors: Markese Bryant, College Ambassador Program Associate

Year two starts today. Tonight, in fact. Tonight, in DC, the second class of Green For All's College Ambassador program kicks off its weekend of trainings. The new class (which you can learn about here) will spend the next semester running trainings and projects to engage students on their campuses in learning about the green economy. This weekend kicks off with tonight's guest speaker, BET's Jeff Johnson. Tomorrow, the Ambassadors will dive into workshops discussing the green economy and running campaigns on campus. The weekend wraps up on Sunday as the Ambassadors work together to develop plans for engaging their campuses. Last year's class of Ambassadors, our first, held dozens of trainings and outreach sessions at historically black colleges and universities - ultimately engaging hundreds of students. Their achievements were incredible and a huge success. But this year's exceptional class is poised to do the same - or better. That's our challenge to them. And it all begins tonight. 

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