How are those calls going?

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Here's some feedback we've heard from of our folks who have called their Senators in the past couple of hours:

Ringing....ringing......okay one more for Oregon 97321! Thanks for all your efforts!
Call? Hell, I am driving to the nation's capitol to speak to her (Blanche Lincoln) face to face...
Thank you for making me aware of this situation. Of course, I called both C. Levin and D. Stabinow right away! Neither were available, but I left message asking them both to support Obama's Recovery Plan! I have faith in humanity, let's stop hoping and make change soon!
Did both the call and the email. fast and painless. thanks for making it so easy
Wow! that took less than 5 minutes!
After I pushed one to be transferred to the main number, it just rang and rang. No one answered. So I justcalled my senators directly and got through to one and was successful in leaving a message with a live person. The other senator's office has been busy, but i will keep trying.

If you are having trouble with the Congressional Switchboard, you can look up your Senators' direct lines on this web site.

If the line is busy, or the mailbox is full, keep trying back until you get a real person on the line!

And share your feed back at

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