HOORAY! Now let's help Obama govern. Here's how.

Authors: Van Jones This week, people of all classes, colors and faiths stood together to elect Barack Obama the next President of the United States. No matter which candidate you supported, today we can be proud that voters chose a man of such uncommon decency to lead our nation.

5 Million 'Green Jobs' Will Jumpstart Economy

At Green For All, we are especially excited that Obama has said building a new energy economy will be his top priority once he gets to the White House. He has pledged to create 5 million green jobs. We support this commitment- passionately. The time for America's transition to a high-employment, low-carbon economy has come. President Obama's plan to create green jobs will help America fight poverty and pollution at the same time. It will put millions of people to work in private sector jobs. They will manufacture wind turbines, install solar panels, weatherize millions of buildings and more. This massive effort to retrofit and repower America has great potential to jumpstart the economy, to cut greenhouse gas emissions, and to restore America's standing in the world. It is an idea that should unite the country. It's time for a Green New Deal.

Obama's Opponents Already Gearing Up

But the truth is: delivering on this promise won't be easy. Obama will need tons of help from people across America. And already the guardians of the status quo are gearing up to block progress. CNN reported yesterday that ExxonMobil, ConocoPhillips and Chevron Corp. are forecasting doom and gloom for America's economy and high energy prices, under Obama's administration. And the Heritage Foundation just released a report calling green jobs "phantom jobs" and arguing that tackling the climate crisis will result in a net loss of work opportunities for America. Fortunately, many other, more credible reports show just the opposite - including a recent one entitled Green Recovery, from PERI and the Center for American Progress. These studies show that an expanded clean energy sector will create many more jobs than we will lose from reducing pollution-based jobs. Plus our society will enjoy additional savings from fewer resource wars and less climate disruption.

Supporting President Obama

The new administration can fashion a Green New Deal to help the people and the planet. But it will only happen if he gets strong support from national, grassroots organizations like ours. We want to make sure that Americans can hear the champions of green growth over all the noise from the polluters. At Green For All, we will continue to put forth concrete proposals to spur green growth, continue to call for economic progress and ecological sanity, and continue to connect the people who most need work, to the work that most needs to get done. And as soon as the nation is done celebrating, I will be reaching out to you, seeking your support as we continue to build a movement that can deliver on the promise of a green economic renaissance for the United States of America. Help us help Obama succeed. Sincerely, Van Jones President and Founder, Green For All Author of The New York Times bestseller: The Green Collar Economy

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