Gulf Coast Catastrophe - The time for waiting is over!

Authors: Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins Are you watching the oil disaster that is unfurling along the Gulf Coast? Thousands of barrels of crude oil are steadily gushing into the Gulf every day, threatening the lives, health, economy, and environment of an entire region. Eleven oil rig workers lost their lives, thousands of miles of shoreline have been destroyed, and millions of gallons of oil continue to poison and pollute our waters. From fishermen to tour guides dependent on the waters, the Gulf Coast Catastrophe will result in the loss of jobs and the permanent disruption of people's lives. We commend President Obama for temporarily stopping his plans for offshore drilling, pending an investigation of the British Petroleum disaster. But a disaster of this magnitude requires that the President and U.S. Senate go much further. We cannot afford to wait any longer to move our country to a clean energy future. Demand Action NOW!

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The climate and energy bill, currently stalled in the Senate, must ensure disasters like this never happen again, by creating a clean, safe energy economy for America. But big oil and coal companies are vying for massive subsidies in the bill, and President Obama supports expanding offshore drilling along the East Coast and in Alaska. Don't let that happen! Sign the petition now. America's energy system should be a source of power, security, and opportunity. But we can't get where we need to be without comprehensive climate and energy legislation. And we can only get there if we cut our dependence on fossil fuel, and invest in the future.

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