Guest Post: I AM GREEN!

Authors: Jumaani Bates

I'm fighting tooth and nail to tip the scale between eco have and have not. I am fighting a machine that is well oiled by racism, classism, elitism. I use my voice and information given in the highly privileged rooms to my communities where it is needed most. I appear in places where folks don't believe I belong. I carry my family, my hood, my community and this world on my shoulders at great distress. I educate by trying to embody change in myself and others. I have planted the seeds, I have reviewed the specs, I have turned over a new leaf with God, faith and confidence IAM GREEN!

My event will inform and remove miseducation and mistruths. It will bring the right folks together not the same people that attend every green function they already know. I want the people who have no real clue, the people who will be effected the most and are waiting for a savior or a president. Bridge some gaps and cross a bridge to a sustainable future.

Jumaani Bates works at Wilbur Wright College in Chicago, and is part of the Chicagoland Green Collar Jobs Initiative. He is organizing an event on September 27th for Green Jobs Now.

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