Grocers On Wheels (ZIPS)

Entrepreneur: Demetrius Hunter

Matched Coach: Mike Curtis

Demetrius Hunter, Grocers On Wheels (ZIPS)


Our goal is to provide consumers a healthy and convenient way to shop for produce. ZIPs will be a service delivering fresh vegetables and an array of healthy literature to Wake County residents. Plans would include offering organic fruit and vegetables, and other healthy environmentally safe products. Currently this market reaches public sector workers, households with an interest in wellness, and elderly communities who may not have transportation to get out and shop. We have organic, sealed and other biodegradable products available to help reduce global warming.

Mike Curtis, The Coaching Mirror


At The Coaching Mirror, our goal is to see you reach your full aspirations. We believe everyone, without exception, can have the success they long to achieve. A professional coach and the coaching process are tools that any individual can use to describe his or her goals, reflect upon the desired results, and identify the choices he or she will make to achieve success. Your commitment to yourself through coaching translates to improved balance between your choices, actions and outcomes.


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