Grist - Peabody Energy: cheating workers and taxpayers to destroy our climate

Written by Joe Smyth, Grist Guest Contributor

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Peabody held its annual shareholders meeting in Gillette, Wyoming on Monday, hoping to avoid more of the massive protests the coal company has faced at its headquarters in St. Louis. Indeed, while Peabody executives tried to put a positive spin on the company’s outlook for shareholders in Wyoming, thousands of union mine workers converged in downtown St. Louis to protest against Peabody and its efforts to cheat coal miners out of the pensions they were promised. The protest took place outside a bankruptcy hearing for ‘Patriot’ Coal, the company left with those obligations to retired miners and their families after Peabody and Arch spun off many of their mines. 

Among those arrested alongside the coal miners was Van Jones, who recently joined United Mine Workers President Cecil Roberts and Green for All CEO Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins in a powerful joint statement, arguing that Patriot’s bankruptcy “appears to be part of a cynical plot by Peabody and Arch—a scheme choreographed to maximize profits at the expense of their own workers.”  

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