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Authors: ada At the second presidential debate on Tuesday, Obama and McCain faced a tough question about climate change and green jobs from Ingrid Jackson, a student at Tennessee State University. Kate Sheppard at caught up with Ingrid, see her post below (crossposted from

One swing voter, swung

Ingrid Jackson's question about climate change put candidates on the spot Posted by Kate Sheppard at 9:37 AM on 08 Oct 2008

For the first time in this year's presidential debates, the two candidates were asked point-blank about what they would do to address climate change in the first two years of their administration. This morning, Grist caught up with the young woman who asked the question -- Ingrid Jackson, 30, a senior psychology major at Tennessee State University in Nashville and a Children Services Officer for the Tennessee Department of Children Services. She said that while she "kind of leaned toward Obama" prior to last night's debate, his answer to her question confirmed her inclinations.
Ingrid Jackson asks the candidates about environmental issues Ingrid Jackson asks the candidates about environmental issues.
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