Fast Company: Green Jobs Are Still the Future of Work After Trump's Paris Accord Pullout

And the most innovative companies already know it.

Fast Company June 7, 2017


While President Trump stood in the White House Rose Garden last Thursday to announce America’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord, I was in Brussels at a green jobs conference. It was a stark contrast. Even as Trump announced that the world’s second-largest polluter would no longer commit to curbing carbon emissions, a choice he wrongly framed as good for the U.S. economy, I talked with European leaders about the promise of advancing a green economy and ways to avoid disastrous environmental policies that could undermine it.

Like many Americans, the people I met there were worried about what Trump’s presidency will mean for a world in ecological crisis, now that climate-change deniers and the powerful business interests that back them have their fingers on the controls. But while it’s true that Trump’s pullout of the Paris Accord marks the end of official American leadership on climate change, I assured my European counterparts that what’s happening in Washington doesn’t reflect what’s happening in the country at large. And that’s because our business leaders—the Koch brothers and their ilk notwithstanding—already know that Trump’s plan to revive fossil fuels is fake news.

Green jobs are the future, even if that’s a future some would rather fight than embrace. Our business sector can lead the way on protecting the climate and still reap profits in the process. This really is one of those situations where doing good can also sustain our economy.

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