Green For North Carolina A&T

Authors: Justin Gaither, Green For All College Ambassador There is an exciting new feeling around the North Carolina A&T campus and many students are thinking the 2010- 2011 school year holds a lot of promise and change. Along with my fellow ambassador, Cassie Brown, I am trying to create awareness about Green for All’s work to create an inclusive green economy. We want to give the students options. Options on how they can effectively help their campuses and communities change and become more eco-friendly. We are starting to get recognition for our efforts. The most challenging thing is getting people to buy into the idea that going green isn't for "nerds" or "treehuggers”, but for everyone – people of all races, creeds and religions. Our university itself is starting to take new strides towards becoming a green campus. They are installing bike racks around campus to cut down on automotive usage as well as putting in recycling bins for disposal of plastic and other recyclable materials. Next semester, Cassie and I want to move in a more interactive direction and try to get people to see the possibilities in a green economy first-hand. Tangible things can be an eye opener when dealing with people. Greensboro is home to a very diverse business commerce sector, including green businesses. I plan to invite eco-friendly businesses to campus and show students that going green transcends more than just the EPA and other large entities. If you can bring change to your backyard, people will take notice and they may even start fighting for your cause, because they realize it’s their cause as well.

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