Green For All takes part in task force, finds shortage of energy-sector workers

Authors: yvonne The Task Force on America’s Future Energy Jobs recently released a report which finds that the U.S. is facing a shortage of skilled workers to design and run the electric power systems of the future. Green For All's National Policy director, Jason Walsh, participated in this task force of energy workforce experts, convened by The National Commission on Energy Policy (NCEP). Three main reasons the task force cited for the lack of workers:
  • An aging workforce nearing retirement,
  • decreased participation in training in trade and industry careers,
  • a potentially higher demand for workers created by the U.S. switching to a low-carbon system.
Leaders from labor, the electric power industry, and the educational sectors comprised this bipartisan task force. The report makes a strong case for the need to invest in education and training for America’s energy workforce. At a time of increased unemployment, no sector should face a shortage of skilled workers. Congress is now working on legislation that can make major investments in job training for a clean-energy workforce. The Senate's Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act currently includes funding for the Green Jobs Act, an essential investment to skill-up America's workforce. For more information about the task force, please visit the Bipartisan Policy Center. To download the report, click here.

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