Green For All's Business Engagement Program

Entrepreneur: Khary Dvorak-Ewell
Matched Coach: Faith Halter

Khary Dvorak-Ewell, Green For All's Business Engagement Program


Green For All is a national organization working to build an inclusive green economy strong enough to lift people out of poverty. We work in collaboration with the business, government, labor, and grassroots communities to increase quality jobs and opportunities in the green industry – all while holding the most vulnerable people at the center of our agenda.


Faith Halter, Insightful Transitions


I help leaders clarify the visions they have for their organizations and find creative new ways to realize them. As an ongoing catalyst and partner, I help to: formulate clear goals, take action to achieve high-impact, sustainable results, and promote “mindful leadership” that incorporates self-awareness and attuning to others. I shifted formally into leadership coaching after spending about 25 years in the environmental field as an attorney and specialist in organizational development, both in the U.S. and overseas. It is always exciting to work with business start-ups. Partnering as a coach with Green for All entrepreneurs is inspiring, fun and very rewarding!


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