Green For All Response to EPA Administrator & Secretary of Energy Nominations


Alyssa Cocchi

Green For All Response to EPA Administrator & Secretary of Energy Nominations

WASHINGTON, DC—In response to the nominations of Gina McCarthy for Environmental Protection Agency Administrator and Ernest Moniz for United States Secretary of Energy, Green for All CEO Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins issued the following response:

“No agency has more capacity to protect us from pollution and climate change than the EPA. Over the past four years, the EPA has been the leader in keeping dangerous chemicals out of our air and water. As a result of safeguards on mercury, soot, and other pollution, we now face far fewer cases of asthma and premature death.

With Gina McCarthy at its helm, EPA must continue to gain ground in holding polluters accountable and putting our kids’ health first. The EPA has faced relentless attacks from big polluters, and now more than ever, this agency will need the full support of the White House and our national leaders as it carries out its mission.

As head of the Department of Energy, Ernest Moniz will have the power to help shape a healthier, more innovative and prosperous energy future. By investing in clean energy like wind, solar, and energy efficiency, and by rejecting projects that put our health and safety at risk, he can put our country on the right path. And, by making smart energy choices, he can help restore American leadership, fight climate change, and create good, green jobs for more of our communities.”

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