Green For All One of 25 Environmental, Advocacy Organizations Oppose Nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh in New Letter

WASHINGTON - In anticipation of the start of hearings for Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh will begin on September 4, 25 of the nation’s leading environmental, legal, and advocacy organizations sent a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee announcing their opposition to Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination.

In the letter, the organizations contend that Judge Kavanaugh’s “lengthy record on the federal bench exposes him as an activist judge who has used cases to effectively rewrite statutes,” often stacking the deck in favor of wealthy and powerful corporate polluter interests against communities impacted by toxic wastes, loose emission standards, dangerous petrochemical facilities, and pipelines. The signing organizations also note the historic lack of transparency in the nominating process, with hundreds of thousands of pages relating to Judge Kavanaugh’s service in the Bush White House still inaccessible to Senators and the public.

Click here to read the full text of the environmental community’s letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee opposing Judge Kavanaugh


Photo Credit: Yahoo News

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